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Why choose us?

The agency ”Service House” works in the field of real estate, offering full cooperation and ensuring reliability, professionalism and confidentiality. Contact the "Service House" means relying on serious professionals, aware of the latest regulations governing the industry, capable of providing an effective service to technical and legal guarantees and the widest possible.
Service house is a dynamic and evolving, which operates primarily in the western shore of Lake Como.


"Your" lake

Situated in a basin surrounded by wooded mountains, Lake Como offers an extremely varied landscape. Its shores features a succession of pastures, woods, harsh and impressive rocks, charming villages facing the lake, magnificent mansions with beautiful gardens.
The middle of the lake, where its three branches come together, has the mildest climate and offers the broadest view. This point can be reached by boat. Here you will enjoy a lovely view of the whole promontory of Bellagio,...

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